Talk to your users directly and easily.
They will love it! 💜

We do NOT collect any user data, only if the user approves in advance!

(We only store email address to notify the users if they missed a response!)
Easy integration
You can integrate it with one line. It works with any framework (React/Vue/Svelte) or framework-less environment.
Hassle-free installation and upgrade
Install and upgrade your instance of coolTalk with one button!
30 days trial (in hosted version)
You can try it out in a 30 days trial period freely. No credit card required!
We are a full open-sourced project!
Check out the code on GitHub.
Need more details?
Contact us or check out our documentation.

Paid & hosted version

Straightforward pricing

You will get all features, current and new for a simple, monthly based price.

What's included

  • No limitations, no seats

  • Priority support (email/chat)

  • Nothing to manage (no need to self-host)

Why worth subscribing

You support my project and help me to run it open-sourced & bootstrapped. 🙏

€12 / month
€4.99 +TAX / month

(early adopters price)

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